The Best Immersive Entertainment in London

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  • 06:10 on 30th Apr 2015
  • By Lauren O'Callaghan

Forget going to the cinema or hitting the pub with your friends, if you want to get more from your social life, it’s all about immersive experiences now. Whether you’re dying to be part of your favourite film, or you want to spend an evening fighting zombies, there’s something for everyone. The problem is there’s so much to choose from, which is the one for you? Check out our guide to London’s best immersive performances and start ticking them off your list...

1. Calling all puzzle solvers

If you’re a fan of the Saw films, then you’re going to love London’s puzzle rooms. You and a group of friends get trapped in a room and have to use your brains to work out how to escape before the time runs out. Don’t worry, a creepy serial killer isn’t going to cut you to pieces if you don’t manage it, but you’ll have lots of fun discovering if you can outwit the puzzle-makers.

Escape Rooms is based on the Japanese online game Takagism and each team has to use their “intuition, teamwork skills and intelligence to accomplish a unique and challenging task”. There’s also Escape Hunt, which works along the same lines but you and your friends get to play detectives as you try and find the guilty suspect’s identity and subsequently your escape.

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