Louise Mensch causes Twitter bullying storm

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  • 13:16 on 28th Mar 2014
  • By Geek News

Ex-Tory MP, Louise Mensch, is currently embroiled in a Twitter-storm of her own making after branding another Twitter user a hacker for having the audacity to do a WHOIS lookup on her domain. Rather than stop there, she then went on a bullying, trolling rampage commenting on the users appearance. Such a nice thing to do...

The whole storm kicked off with this simple post by Ed Jefferson.

Mensch followed this up nearly a day later with this wonderfully worded response...

Rather than just leave it there, her next step was to fat-shame poor Ed...

Bad move Louise! She subsequently went on to accuse Ed of being both a stalker and hacker - so not only is she happy to attack someone's appearance, she's happy to accuse them of being a criminal in public too! The whole series of events are continuing to unfold as we report! We'll keep you up to date on Louise's next mis-steps as they happen.

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