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THIS is how Frozen should have ended

Elsa's magical powers get her noticed...

Win a copy of The Three by Sarah Lotz

Your chance to win a copy of Sarah Lotz' new thriller.

Geek Girl's Top 5

Resident Geek Girl Emma Farley is back with your fix of geeky goodies.

The Birth of the Lightsaber

Taken from the 2004 DVD release, George Lucas and co talk about the origins of one of the most iconic weapons in film.

Louise Mensch causes Twitter bullying storm

MP - that's short for Muppet, right?

HTC unveils new model One

It's back! Different, yet the same!

Server move!

Keep your eyes peeled for bugs!

Hang Wire - Adam Christopher

A trip to the circus is deadly in Adam Christopher's latest genre-bending thriller..
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Chromecast Review

So now that Chromecast is here, was it worth the wait?

Chromecast has landed in the UK

iPlayer and Netflix support added at launch for the UK.

Testing Toshiba's new Encore tablet

Dominic discovers whether music making is practical in the Windows environment.